Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Creating the Star Path

Our children have finally reached the age where my hair doesn't automatically turn grey when they ask to craft with glitter and glue. Plentiful newspapers covering the table, controlled amounts of glue and glitter, and an additional pair of adult hands helped, too!
We are creating glittery stars for Mary's Star Path...I have hopes of creating a scene before this baby decides to be born. Yesterday was my due date, so hopefully our days are numbered!
Paint the glue on, sprinkle on the glitter, shake off the excess, and on to the next star.

We'll set up our nativity stable on a shelf; leading up to it will be 25 sparkly stars. The four Sundays of Advent will be marked by larger stars. Our simple wooden Mary figurine will travel the path towards her baby's birthplace, finally reaching it on Christmas morning.
We will sing,
 "On the golden star path walking, 
Mother Mary travels far,
Brings to us the light of heaven
Brighter than the brightest star".
I love creating new traditions and rituals for our children each year, who will surely remember them in years to come: a blurring together of anticipation, hand work, glitter, and joy. 

For more ideas like this, see All Year Round: A Calendar of Celebrations by Druitt, Fynes-Clinton, and Rowling.


  1. I would love to do this for my family (I am such a copycat!) I love that it teaches this sense of waiting and anticipation in such an instant-gratification society. You'll have to teach me the melody to the song over the phone! And yay that you didn't have any glitter disasters. :)

  2. Lovely! And fun to see a table-full of happy, painty kids! Best wishes for your delivery, too!

  3. What a beautiful idea for Advent - I'll have to file this away for next year.


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