Wednesday, March 21, 2012


As fate would have it, my internet has been down since my last post. Am I missing it? Not really.

In the rhythm and busyness of my life, this feels right right now.

We've had unseasonably warm weather, so the Spring peepers have been serending each other in the pond, the tiger lilies are sticking their green noses through the earth, the chickens are reveling in the abundant bugs that have emerged, and my kids have been riding their bikes and squishing their bare toes in the mud.

Our kitchen, bedroom, and upstairs hallway are finally painted and I have so many plans for our home.

With some help, we've figured out how to alleviate some of our financial stress, so I'll be able to sleep a bit more at night.

I'm drumming on a regular basis now, and that has grounded me so solidly to Mother Earth I can only express my joy through that regular heartbeat of hands on a djembe.

I'm knitting some, reading a lot, and remembering how to just be joyfully with my children.

In short, I'm having such a nice time that I don't know when I'll be back. This space that held so much of my energy and heart and thoughts isn't a real space. My home is, and I'm experiencing a deep love of the people and places that are in my real world.

My children seem happier and I feel calmer. I don't need any other reasons to continue doing what I'm doing.

I'll be in touch when the spirit strikes me to do so. Until then, enjoy your Spring!


  1. Sounds like are where you need to be...enjoy!

  2. I love that you are listening to your heart!! Wishing you peace.

    Blessings to you,

  3. Good for you, sweet sister. I, personally, will miss reading and seeing this blog every morning but completely understand and am happy for you! Enjoy the peace and joy in your busy-enough-without-the-internet life! xo

  4. Yes, listen to your heart......."it knows you better than you know yourself, so let it do all the talkin!"

  5. Ditto to all of the above :)

    Take good care,

  6. I totally understand :) my sister is taking 100 days off technology (blog), and I shut my blog down as I am not a writer, and it was kinda stressing me out what to write. With gardening season soon to start (I'm going to take a chance and stick a spade to the ground and hope we don't get posted again, its an army thing ;)) take time and enjoy your spring and family!


  7. I will miss reading your blog, but get what you're saying. Enjoy the time with your family!

  8. Beautiful thoughts! I think that connection is what Spring - and LIFE is all about!

  9. I, too, will miss your daily musings and I can't wait for you to return. I was really sad when Twig and Toadstool went "away", but I understand wanting to be out with the kids in the dirt. Blessings and take care, Stephanie.


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