Sunday, August 21, 2011

i do

August 21, 2004

Seven years later...

Sometimes love blooms in the springtime, then like leaves in the summer it will grow,
Then fade away in the winter when the cold winds begin to blow.
But when it's evergreen, evergreen, it will last through the summer and winter, too,
When love is evergreen, evergreen like my love for you.


  1. Happy Happy Anniversary. Your family looks lovely and happy and so blessed.

  2. Happy anniversary! And what a *gorgeous* dress! (:

  3. Scratch, scratch, scratch......that's the 7-year itch....
    Happiest of anniversaries for better and for worse..... Keep up the great work, you two.

  4. Happy anniversary! You have grown in countless beautiful ways in just seven years. So many evergreen :-) blessings. Such a gorgeous family - living together in a gentle, creative, loving, inspiring, uplifting way.


  5. Happy anniversary. Your family photo is lovely!

  6. Oooh how lovely! You look beautiful :-)

    We just elebrated our 12th wedding nniversary the other day - time flies when you're having fun!

  7. Will do another Gratituesday tommorow! x

  8. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding day was very special! Absolutely gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as the family that resulted from the love and commitment you and Robin have for each other. Cheers!



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