Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wandering Wednesday

I've been seeing this around other blogs and thought I'd get involved...those pictures of people's feet wandering where they wander are so charming! I've been a homebody for most of the summer...aside from daily forays to the beautiful beach for swimming lessons, and weekly visits to the library, we're mostly HERE. We wander from barn to clothesline to swingset to my favourite place of all: the garden.

I love my summer feet. They're really, really dirty. I'd give a pedicurist an aneurysm. I keep my toenails painted to hide the dirt...in this pic, they're green to match the flowers, because I care about such things (she said, her voice dripping with sarcasm). The floors in my house are always covered in various spills and bits of food/glitter/glue/playdough (today I swept the same area 3 times in one hour), so I have to wash my feet before I go to bed. I laugh when people offer to take their shoes off when they come in the house...I tell them to keep them on to protect their socks! My mom says that her father did the same thing every night. We take such good care of other parts of our bodies: taking off makeup, washing our face, brushing and flossing our teeth...what about our feet?

 I think my hardworking, reliable, sausage-toed feet deserve a wash and a rub with some Fair Trade Foot Lotion from LUSH after a day of futile attempts at cleaning the house, standing for hours to prepare meals, wiggling into warm earth and cool grass, and dancing to ABBA with my kids. I'm off to do just that (washing and moisturizing, not dancing to ABBA!) before nestling into bed with my new library book! Happy Wednesday, all!


  1. I got new library books too! Watcha reading??

    Stephanie :)

  2. Love that shot! I am a barefoot person too. We do wash our feet when we come in the house, as we have so many allergies that we try to keep the house pretty clear of it all...but I still end up sweeping like 5 times a day in my kitchen! ;)

  3. Black eyed Susans are quite possibly my favorite flower out there.
    Sweet and simple.
    Your toes look perfect planted amongst them.

  4. I got so inspired I'm off to use some of my heel cream and just sit and read for a while.

  5. I'm glad we're not the only ones with a messy floor. Sometimes it just seems so futile to sweep it. We do take our shoes off, but somehow that doesn't seem to stop the dirt. Enjoy your pedicure :)

  6. I love being barefoot in the summer, but due to perpetually gritty crunchy floors, I'll often wear flip-flops in the house. "Here I stand in flip-flops, sweeping the dirty floor." I think I've found next week's Wandering Wednesday inspiration :-) I'm so glad you joined in on the wandering! Gardenmama's challenges are always so inspiring.

    Your photo and green toenails are beautiful.

  7. Love that! And, how fun to hear of someone else painting their toenails to hide the dirt...I used to do that too (dare I admit that now I just let the dirt show?!?). Good for you for giving your hard-working feet some TLC, they certainly deserve it, don't they. I also love to see photos of hard working hands, I find hands very beautiful.


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