Thursday, December 17, 2015


Yes, we're still alive and well.

Life is busy. Head-spinningly busy. But I call it "rich" to reassure myself that all is well.

The laundry piles up, and when washed, sits unsorted for weeks. A lot of kitchen clutter was swept into boxes to allow for some space to decorate for Christmas.

We are slowly preparing for the holidays with Advent gifts and decorating store-bought gingerbread people. Jude was in a play with his grandma, and Norah turned three.

We survived our Christmas concert, cancelled fiddle lessons this week, and are going to a potluck karaoke party tonight.

We're looking forward to being OFF for two weeks!

Will try to check in over the holidays if the spirit grabs me.


  1. Three years old !~! Whoa, that stopped me in my tracks. Happy Happy Holidays to you all; hope you make great memories.

  2. Great to see a post even if few and far between! One day life will be shockingly calm. In the meantime, do whatever it takes to get you through......inhaling and exhaling through every glorious and challenging moment. XO

  3. Always love when you check in with us. Merry Christmas to you all and many blessings!!


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