Tuesday, March 10, 2015

pony photobomb and other stuff

It was the dripping icicles that told me it was finally safe to go outside.

The kids made a snow-friend with pine cone eyes and an icicle nose. Norah and I doffed our mittens, and we brought our one remaining hen outside. She seemed shaky and stunned by the air and the warm sunshine, and tolerated our strokes and coos. She has now taken up residence on the porch, and shares the kibble with our cats. 

It's near-impossible to get a photo of my older kids when we're outside now, so vast is their roaming area. A giddy feeling passes over me at the thought that for the next eight months (or so) we'll be free to wander outside without risk of frostbite. The sun hints of warmer days to come and I couldn't help but pose for a selfie. We survived another winter! And I was photobombed by our pony. He's pretty happy that Spring is coming, too.


  1. HURRAY!! I was just here, looking for a post :) I feel the same way- getting giddy at the grassy edges along the driveway. Just tiny ones but there nonetheless! And now that the time has changed, we have more time outside in the evening. AT LAST.
    p.s. dying to see you all soon!

  2. Yay! There's something about spring that awakens us all. Today was absolutely GORGEOUS out; I wish I could have enjoyed the sunshine for longer!

    Those Dala horse mitts you knit are a masterpiece.

  3. I love it! Your property and all the buildings are so lovely!! :) If only I didn't live 2,000 miles away.

  4. Wonderful warmth. I can't believe you actually have a chicken. Name?


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