Thursday, June 5, 2014

Farm Sale

I pulled the flyer off a cork board in town, and stuck it to the fridge a few months ago: "Poultry and Small Animals". They had me at poultry! It was to be on the same day as Violet's birthday, and she looked forward to the outing.

We woke the kids early and set off with that "moving right along" feeling I always get when I drive in the rising sun with a coffee in the cup holder. I remember the feeling from my childhood, when we'd be setting out on a camping trip or a long drive. I remember it when I embarked on a new journey in my teens, then into my twenties: anticipation, excitement, adventure. The adventures these days are a bit smaller now than they were then, but with kids along, you never know what might happen.

We arrived at the fairgrounds to find a parking lot full of cars. We entered a large open barn, where the kids bolted from one cacophonous cage to the next, wondered at the Toulouse Geese with their enormous feet, petted ducklings, laughed at the ridiculous hairdos on the Polish chickens, and fell in love with every baby bunny they saw. 

We spent every cent we brought and each of the big kids left with a box. 

We've increased our flock by six and our indoor mammals by one. I'm pleased to introduce Fondue and Eclair, our pair of Indian Runner ducks, Daisy the Lionhead bunny, and four Australorp hens who will become our new laying flock!

As we walked out of the barn, my husband wearing a look that said, "How did this happen?", I slipped my hand into his and whispered, "This is my dream. Coming true". 


  1. Oh, I just love Indian Runner ducks! Congratulations on your new additions :)

  2. So exciting! I am still living vicariously, but in hope.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. What a wonderful day. The bunny is adorable. I had a couple of pet rabbits when I was young. Great pets.

  4. Sounds like a great day! Going to get my husband now to read this - I want a pair of ducks and the kids want rabbits but he's saying NO! Do you have a pond for the ducks - my neighbor told me that a big tub of water would do (caught my hubby looking at 'making ponds' on the internet yesterday so I think I'm wearing him down). Do you put the ducks in with the chickens? Like you, we have very long snowy winters, the chickens do just fine so I imagine ducks could cope also - the hard part would be keeping their water from freezing. At the pet store they told me that rabbits can survive outside in the winter too. Any advice/tips?
    Glad your dream is coming true!

    1. Hi, Emma,
      We do have a pond. The ducks have stayed in the barn so far because we have a pesky fox that sits outside the door staring at it intently! Until we get either a dog or a gun, they'll have to stay locked up till they're a bit bigger! They are very messy, so you'd need to change their swim water often. In the winter they stay locked up with no water to swim in. I'll tell you, one of the happiest sights is a flock of ducks finding the first puddle in the Spring! :) Our bunny is an indoor one. We put her out to graze under a little cage during the day but keep her in at night (again, that dratted fox). She's as loveable as a cat and calmer to hold!


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