Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Leisurely Sunday Brunch Date

While I am completely overwhelmed at the thought of hosting reluctant to host dinner parties, I'm happy to have guests for brunch! I get up at six in the morning anyway, and I love that everything is done and cleaned up by noon!

Our Sunday brunch guests today were a dad-friend and his two children, so the fare was simple: blueberry lemon muffins, a frittata loaded with golden-crisp potatoes, bacon, fire roasted peppers, and onions softened to the perfect degree of sweet flavour. Twisty bacon*, of course, fresh fruit, and coffee rounded it all out.

Some people laugh at the word "brunch", but to me it conjures memories of returning home from Mass where my dad would create a "souffle" (my sisters claim that once he made an omelette with dill pickles and cut-up hotdogs...and now I understand why I had an aversion to eggs as a child). The smells of coffee and bacon, the leisurely feeling of spreading jam on just one more piece of toast, the prospect of a day spreading out ahead of us where no rushing was's no wonder I still love Sundays best.

After our meal, we sat out in the sunshine chatting and watching the kids play. I've been reflecting on consciously spending true leisure time with my children and by myself, without a camera in my hand (and future blog post in my mind) since reading this article on the subject. Today felt like that; I left my phone in the house, and when I had the thought, "Oh, I wish I had my camera" I just focused on feeling all the sensations around the moment: the wind moving my hair, the coolness of Norah's cheek, the sound of the birds and our children's laughter. It's a great way to capture something beautiful, even if I may not remember it next week. 

I used to be really good at this leisure stuff. I'm determined to relearn it (in a leisurely way, of course!); I think making a tradition of Sunday brunch with friends is a great place to start. 


  1. You have a * on Twisty bacon but no footnote. I don't eat bacon but find myself dying to know! (:

  2. I'm curious about the twisty bacon too! I also like to host a brunch. Many of the things you serve at brunch can be made ahead of time, like muffins, quiche, fruit salad and the clean up is usually pretty easy. Have a great week!

  3. Sunday Brunch is one of my favorites too (as is Sunday in general). Our Sundays are always slower paced but lately I feel like they have not been as mellow as I'd like. Between your post, our need for an even more leisurely Sunday and the article you shared I think it's high time that we make Sunday back into Family Day in our family and unplug and refresh together. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Thank you for sharing the article. It touched a nerve, in a good way.


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