Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Celebrating Robbie Burns at the local Legion.

After I wrote this post, immediately after I wrote it, Norah had two nights of craziness. We decided it was time. My man took over the first shift of the night, calming her by picking her up or by patting and shushing her back to sleep. I slept in the attic, alone, with ear plugs in, a toque on, and a pillow over my head. One can never be too careful, you know.

Since then, I've been getting a few hours' sleep, uninterrupted, each night. We switch places somewhere after midnight, and I snuggle and nurse my baby girl till morning. It's working for us right now. This feeling of being in it together is a good one, even though now we're both kind of tired instead of me being tired all alone.

These days, I've found this well of peace and patience deep inside. It might be because I'm getting more sleep. What I really suspect is that it's because I've changed my eating habits. I've cut waaay back on my caffeine intake, and am avoiding gluten, sugar, and dairy. 

This cleansing felt necessary after the many indulgences of Christmas time. Yes, I've lost a few pounds, but the unexpected side effect is this calmness. I don't find myself bubbling over with anger or impatience in moments of stress anymore, and I am finding more energy to engage with my students and family more consistently. I'm sleeping better, too.

We even ventured out last weekend to celebrate Robbie Burns. We borrowed a bunch of tartan skirts (even Jude wore one!), and enjoyed the piping, the Ceilidh, and the strange Scottish horah-like circle dance that took place while we all sang Auld Lang Syne. I brought snacks and the kids danced way past their bedtimes. 

We are often reluctant to mess with our routines, especially the bedtime routine. But it was so worth it to get out, to have the kids enjoy some live music, and to get involved in a community event. The kids loved it, we got to visit with friends and neighbours, and I even had a dance with my husband's arms around me...well, his one arm. Norah was in the other!

I'm feeling very grateful for this moment of peace in our lives. It's a good place and I hope to stay here for awhile.


  1. So glad to hear that you are a bit more rested. Being in it together makes it easier on both of you, somehow. The family photo just rocks. I bet the dance felt so yummy; we could hear you smiling all the way over here.

  2. I'm pleased that you all enjoyed Robbie Burns night, and that you are getting some sleep too :) x

  3. Calmness. Oh, how I like calmness. We're continuing with our massive purge of stuff which is creating lovely spaces for calm. There is more that I could do though. Ever so much more, like cutting way back on caffeine too. But cleaning/purging seems easier - a different sort of a headache.

    I love the photo. Such a beautiful family.


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