Thursday, October 10, 2013

a woman who spins

Sunlight, wood, wool, human hands.

Few things are as beautiful as these. 

My borrowed wheel has been oiled and fine-tuned, I have two giant bags of "practice fiber", and I find that as I approach forty, I am also equipped with a patience and perspective Imay have lacked at twenty, to enjoy the process of learning this skill. Add to that two friends who are happy to bring their wheels into the busy whirl of my country kitchen, and I'd say I'm all set.

After lots of play and practice on the drop spindle, I find my hands adopting the rhythms of spinning, communicating with one another and the wool in a way I can only describe as ancient; it is almost as if my hands remember this and only needed an opportunity to try it again. With the generous support and advice of a teacher who came along at just the right time, I'm taking the first steps towards becoming who I've always dreamed:

A woman who spins.


  1. Beautiful photos! Love the one of the cat and the one of your hands........Well, it is wonderful you have ended up as a woman who spins as opposed to an old spinster ;-)

    1. Your line of thinking was exactly like mine. I was going to say A woman who spins. Not to be confused with a spinster.
      :) Great photos. xo

  2. Great comment,Julie.Can't wait to see this process, Steph.So happy for the photo of the turquoise wool.

  3. That is one beautiful wheel! And drum carders are fun, good for the muscles too ;)

  4. Just to clarify...none of these pictures is of me! They're of a friend. I'm the photographer. That 3 ply was made by my friend, too! :)

  5. *squee!* So happy for you. Being a woman who spins is a wonderful thing. (:

  6. Welcome to the world of women who spin. Lovely pictures and sentiment.

  7. Yay, yay, yay! Somehow it seems surprising that you didn't spin before now. It's just so YOU. I can't wait to see your yarn. *Your* yarn - so freakin' exciting!

    Love the photos, especially the yarn kitty & the blurry, spinning whatsit.

  8. Cheers! You've moved from dreaming to doing - no small feat!

  9. Yes, indeed, moving from wanting to be into becoming who you are--life's wonderfully amazing like that for some. The kitty's expression is priceless.

  10. Very beautiful spinning wheel! I like spinning, because it works like a meditation for me.


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