Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Keep Calm, Craft On: Wool Felt Winter Birds

As I work to process the many, many apples our trees have gifted us this Fall, my mind wanders to winter, and specifically to the offerings I hope to gift to others as Christmas approaches. In addition to the jars of apple-bounty I hope to tuck into baskets, I like to add a handmade ornament or two.

This year I find myself drawn to the winter birds that visit Ontario. I've been watching Cranford with so much love and delight (as I wait for Downton Abbey's fourth season to begin), and am spending evenings stitching away those precious bits of time when all the children are refueling their busy selves with sleep.

The first birds to come to mind were a cardinal on birch trees (inspired by one I saw on Pinterest), and a snowy owl, her silhouette traced from Violet's "Birds of Ontario" field guide. I decided to get creative with her plumage, drawing inspiration from Inuit-style colours and stitch work.

I love how each stitch leads to a new idea to be sketched out for the next ornament! Creating begets creativity. What are you creating today?

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  1. Your stitched birds are so fun. I love watching the birds in the winter. What a great idea to make them in felt. I will have to watch Cranford, I'm always on the lookout for a good show or book. Happy stitching.

  2. Please oh please may I have a cardinal in a birch tree?? As you know we have a pair here and we have a birch tree too!
    Other than creating GPAs for students at work today:), I am planning the decoration of a loooong table for a dinner party on Saturday night. Fourteen guests so a candle and a vase won't do it! Am idly searching through Pinterest for autumn ideas that use outdoor "ingredients" with a some sparkly embellishments.
    Will send a pic to you when done!

  3. I love your birch tree!
    Now to find something that needs en-birch-ing around here.

  4. When my mother passed away, I expressed great frustration to my aunt (mom's sister) about the drawers and closets stuffed with unfinished knitting, crocheting, projects, projects, projects. Auntie said, "Don't worry about it, honey. Your mom was a creator and this is what creators do: create!"

  5. The birch tree with the cardinal is so sweet! I can't believe another winter is around the corner (which is great for us Downton Abbey fans)! There is something about crafting. It's always lovely but when the weather starts to get colder it just begs to happen more often! :)

  6. The cardinal and birch trees is to. die. for. I can't wait to see the snowy owl and whatever else you come up with! Seriously BEAUTIFUL!! I must bookmark this post.

  7. So pretty. And thanks for stopping by my blog today (seamless). It's nice to meet you. (Always nice to meet a fellow crafting and Downton fan. :-)

  8. your birds are looking amazing. love the cardinal.


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