Monday, July 1, 2013

Viva Lucha Libre!

You've got to admire these plucky fellows. It's not easy to put an opponent in a headlock when you have no arms. Your opponent just rolls effortlessly around the ring, making it difficult to pin him down, so to speak.

We, the audience, don't come for the fancy holds. We're here for the glamour and the drama...the sparkly masks! The fierce expressions! The tiny spandex undies!

When I commented over at We Bloom Here about the Luchadors we were creating here at the Homestead, she couldn't resist and had to join in the fun. Then we invited Hinterland Mama to come along for the ride. 

We created this Luchador Link Up because, well. That's what some kinds of blogging women do.

Please visit them here and here to see their creations. We encourage you to pin our photos to Pinterest as you like them, as we hope to spark a Luche Libre Peg Doll subculture. As far as we can find online, these are the first of their kind!

Viva Lucha Libre!


  1. Thank you Stephanie for including me!
    Your boys are a gorgeous surprise - just look at their faces. Luuurve the belly buttons, and those 'undies'!
    This has been an hilarious experience. A Lucha Libre subculture indeed. Bring. It. On.!

  2. This is hilarious! SO Funny. Please tell me you sent this link directly to Danny?

  3. glamor, drama, sparkly masks, spandex undies and... no arms... eek (so funny!!!) Viva Lucha Libre Peg Dolls!!

  4. These are freaky but cute!

  5. Just made some peg doll 'luchadores' as a mascot for an upcoming Spanish Immersion Preschool fundraiser. 'Donde esta el luchador?' is the catch phrase as he finds himself in many cool places leading up to our event.
    My main concern is how big are your luchadores and how did you get such detail and precision with 3 colors? I had such a hard time with this...will post mine later.
    thanks for the inspiration! Luchador is very popular with our fb friends now.


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