Monday, July 16, 2012

flower family

As we waited for the rain that didn't come, I stuck some hollyhock buds onto various flowers from the garden. With the help of a small screw, I "drilled" a hole large enough for the bud stem to fit into, then had fun using a Sharpie to make little faces. Soon, requests for a prince, a grandma, a little sister, and so on were coming at me from all directions.
The flower people rang each others' doorbells, complimented each others' hairdos, drank nectar tea, and got bossed around by Violet.
Eventually, the whole family was moved inside, where they spent the night wilting into little furled-up balls of squishy old flower petals.
The fleetingness of these little characters is part of their charm; when the tiger lily prince refused to stand up straight, I simply popped his head on a fresh flower and once again he was ready to waltz the night away. There are always more blooms in the garden eager to achieve their dreams of becoming dolls for kids!


  1. What a simply sweet idea. I don't have many flowers in bloom with this July heat, but I will remember this next spring and will have my sharpie ready.

  2. Are you a graduate of fine-arts or something? I love what you did with the flowers, your so creative. Can you do it to using a tulsi leaves? Here is a sample of tulsi if ever you don't know what it looks like. I will send a picture on your email of tulsi leaves I have and give me your idea on what part can I draw a face. I want to show it to my little nephews. :-) Thanks in advance!

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! If R wouldn't eat them, I would totally make some of those for her. What a great idea.


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