Wednesday, April 11, 2012

quiet play

I remember stealing away from the noise of aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents, and finding a soft spot to park myself with a few dolls. I remember the whispered conversations these "friends" would have, and the complete peace and absorption of quiet, solitary play. 

I remember now, thanks to her.


  1. Or stealing away with a book.What a great habit.

  2. I remember this too. In fact I still do it! Maybe not with a doll of book, but I will steal away to the basement to "get something from the freezer" for a few minutes.
    This is such a beautiful moment captured, she looks so peaceful.

    Jennifer @ Dark blue dragon

  3. What a beautiful moment! I was never the type to steal away when family or friends were around, but I can certainly identify when the calm that comes from being alone with your own thoughts and private playtime. Very sweet!

  4. That looks like the best spot ever!

  5. I remember sneaking out of the house to climb into Mr. Eldridge's tree with my book. The only way to get some quiet from my three younger siblings. Plus, I could watch what you were all doing if you came outside....


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