Tuesday, January 24, 2017

2017: A Good Year

Winter brings the stoking of the fires, the plowing of the driveway, the chipping of ice and snow off the front porch. Winter brings a different kind of work for us. The animals need water, lots of it, carried in buckets from the house to the barn. The mild temperatures we've had so far have been a blessing for all of us. 

We've had a few snow days with a few more to come, no doubt. Christmas came and went in a blur of delicious food, good company, and happy kids living the traditions we've created as a family. 

We're working as always but I'm finding a calm and a balance I haven't experienced before. A combination of changing my diet (limiting/eliminating gluten, sugar, dairy, and alcohol), getting more sleep, committing to yoga and counselling, and just a focus on being mindful means I'm a much more patient and calm mother. It's really good to feel my mood stabilize. 

I'm using this journal to commit 30 days to various goals. January is almost over and I've managed to stick to good dietary changes for the most part. February's goal is going to be committing to 20-30 minutes a day to gentle exercise. I have neglected self care for so long I'm almost giddy at the idea of feeling GOOD in myself!

I'm spinning and knitting as much as I can. I read an essay from Simple Abundance every early morning before the kids get up and write a bit in my journal.

All in all, 2017 feels like a year of positive growth. I'd like to blog about it all. I'm out of practice but know it'll be like riding a bike once I get back into the habit!

Thank you all for checking in!


  1. Hurray! I've missed your beautiful blog. Please do get back into the habit :)

  2. Welcome back Stephanie!
    Your 2017 sounds great.

  3. This is the year to get your shit together :-)


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